Celebrity Teen Maker will attend DC Mini Maker Faire


Joey Hudy and President Barrack Obama launch a marshmallow across the East Room at the 2012 White House Science Fair

Maker: Joey Hudy

Proudest Maker Moment: “Finding that complete strangers have used my products and liked them.”

Launched into the spotlight in 2012 by a particularly memorable flying marshmallow, Joey Hudy has made it a point to use his celebrity status to spread the word about making.

But it was only four years ago that Hudy himself was introduced to the maker movement, having received tickets to attend the San Francisco Maker Faire for his 12th birthday.

“I had always been making things around the house, but never knew there was a whole world out there of makers,” says Hudy.

While Hudy loves the experience of building and the satisfaction of seeing a project all the way through, one of the best things about making has nothing to do with the end product.

“When you’re making, you get to meet a lot of great people,” says Hudy. “I have made a lot of great friends.”

Hudy and his mother, Julie Hudy, a self-described “maker mom”, will be on hand at Sunday’s DC Mini Maker Faire to field questions about how kids can get started.

According to Julie, it’s all about encouraging kids to pursue what interests them.

“Let your child be who he wants to be,” says Julie. “That’s when all the magic happens.”

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