The 2014 DC Mini Maker Faire was a huge success. The Call for Makers for the 2015 National Maker Faire is open: apply here.

Joey Hudy
Joey Hudy speaks to other kids about how they can make and do anything they want to. Going to Maker Faires has changed his life - it can change yours too. "Don't be BORED...MAKE Something!" Come see Joey and his electronic kits (SMD Arduino Shield and his 3x3x3 LED Cube Arduino Shield).
Maker: Joey Hudy

LEGO® Junior Makers
Come Play, Make & Share with LEGO® bricks! At the LEGO Group we believe children are our greatest creative inspiration. In order to develop tomorrow’s innovators, creators and builders we need to create opportunities to make things. We’ll bring thousands of LEGO bricks and you bring your imagination! Let’s Play!
Maker: Kristin Greene

The Maker Mom Is In
1pm-4pm: Come and meet Make:’s Maker Mom, Julie Hudy. Ask her about what parents should do and shouldn’t do to help their kids grow up to be makers. Learn about when to meddle and when to stay out of the way!
Maker: Julie Hudy

3D printed awesomeness
I make a ton of things with 3d printing. A giant 3' sculpture of George Washington, 3d printed jewelry, and 3d printed movie prop replicas.
Maker: Todd Blatt

3D printing; Bobbin lacemaking
We'll be showing two projects. The first is 3D Printing with a Printrbot Simple. My husband creates 3D models of miniature scale robots for use in games, and I print them! The second is bobbin lacemaking: traditional English and European Fiber Art (how lace was made prior to the industrial revolution). We will teach a sampler project to anyone willing to sit still for 15 minutes!
Maker: Katelyn Schreyer

Amateur Radio
A communications network YOU control! Control long-range UAVs with full motion video, wirelessly collect data from sensors, improve self-resiliency, and communicate with others around the corner or around the world (the original "social network"). We will have a station with the ability to communicate worldwide via digital and analog signals.
Maker: Lee Ciereszko

AstroPrint makes 3D printers simple to use! Our combined software/hardware platform allows 3D printer owners to slice, store, and print their designs to almost any 3D printer from a tablet, phone, or computer without installing any software. Check out our live kickstarter!
Maker: Drew Taylor

Baltimore Node Hackerspace
We're a member run awesome hackerspace in Baltimore City
Maker: Baltimore Node

Camp Showcase
Our showcase includes: Arduino Tutorials, Raspberry PI Tutorials, Rocket/Projectiles, Solar Energy Experiments, Cyber Security Demos, Python Tutorials, Video Game Design Tutorials, and Robotics Examples
Maker: George Mason University STEM Summer Camp

Cardboard Construction Area
KID Museum will run a large cardboard construction area where visitors will be encouraged to contribute to a large collaborative installation or build something on a smaller scale. We'll be using Make-Do and plier staplers for joining, and kid-safe cardboard cutters for cutting.
Maker: KID Museum

CCT Georgetown
The Graduate Program in Communication, Culture, & Technology at Georgetown University has recently opened a Technology Design Studio, a space where students and faculty work side-by-side developing creative and critical media projects.
Maker: Garrison LeMasters

Club125, Greenbelt Makerspace
Club125 is the Greenbelt Makerspace, host of the Greenbelt Mini Maker Faire. We have about 200 members with projects in computer science, robotics, and microelectronics, as well as various arts and crafts.
Maker: Club125

DiceBot is a twitter controlled dice spinner. Send @IntrideaDiceBot a tweet with the hashtag #RollTheDice and DiceBot will spin a pair of dice, take a photo, count the pips, and Tweet back a photo of the roll and the count. More info can be found here

Digital Commons
The Digital Commons is a creative and collaborative playground serving a vibrant community of all ages. Part digital creation space, part fabrication lab, and part coworking space, the Digital Commons provides hands-on access and education to emerging technologies, tools, and software.
Maker: DC Public Library

Digital Harbor Foundation
The Digital Harbor Foundation (DHF) transformed the closed-down South Baltimore Rec Center into a vibrant youth maker space. Dedicated to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and tech advancement for all young people, DHF teaches inner city youth skills such as web and app development, 3D printing, electronics, and more!
Maker: Andrew Coy

Do you Bamboo?
Bamboo is known as an invasive and non-native species, but it can also be thought of as a renewable resource for construction projects of all kinds. What better way to encourage better management and removal than by bringing wider awareness to its possible uses? Bamboo has properties like wood but is really a type of grass. It can grow quickly and use its extensive root system to take over. The pterodactyl (more accurately a pterosaur) reproduced here is a slightly-smaller version of a type named Quetzalcoatlus, which was one of the largest pterosaurs known. It had a wingspan up to 16 meters (50 feet) wide and soared across the skies of North America (and probably Europe) some 60-70 million years ago. This 12-meter (40 foot) version cannot fly, unfortunately. Oh, and remember pterosaurs were reptiles, not birds! Construction: approximately 300 ft bamboo, packing tape, hose clamps, bandaids.
Maker: Brian Jacoby

Doll Sized Couch Made From Recycled Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad Controller
As an avid Dance Dance Revolution game player (mainly because of physical fitness reasons), I've long had to deal with the hassle of having the dance pad controller break then having to throw it away. I decided to experiment with using it as some kind of an unconventional fabric in a project and I found a pattern for making a doll-sized couch so I went for it!
Maker: Kimberly Keyes

Electronic Synthesizers
Experimental circuitry to generate sound effects & music. One device is a waveform generator, while another device uses MIDI to modify notes going from a keyboard to a synthesizer.
Maker: Rich DeAngelis

Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things. That’s the idea behind Fab Lab. We're working to grow a Fab Lab here in DC! We'll be showing, telling, and sharing some of our digital fabrication equipment and projects at the inaugural DC Mini Maker Faire.
Maker: P D Klein

Foosball Robot
We made a Foosball robot that uses ultrasonic range finders and lasers to find the ball and position the players accordingly. We didn't stop there however, we implemented genetic algorithms so the robot could learn and evolve to be better.
Maker: Sacha Jungerman & Mateo Reveiz

Green 3D Energy Project
The 3D Green Energy Project was created by a group of Albert Einstein Distinguished Educators from all across the United States. The project features futuristic buildings, transportation and energy. Each object is also designed using CAD software and 3D printed.
Maker: Einstein Fellows
I have a number of projects including a internet connected haptic ball, a means to connect anything to anything, a custom scifi interface for a projection mapped interactive dj/vj art installation, brainwaves controlling anything in realtime over an IoT platform, motion tracked virtual synthesizer drumsticks, laser cut and 3D printed artwork and sculptural pieces, and a lifesize statue machined out of styrofoam based on a 3D scan.
Maker: Moheeb Zara

Hank the Beer Tank
Hank the Beer Tank is a portable electric kegerator that keeps freshly tapped beer cold and pressurized, both at home and on the go. It does so by using an efficient inverter controlled compressor, power electronics, and a digital control unit.
Maker: Sebastian Ehreiser

Harris Educational Maker Made STEM Kits
Harris Educational is my Made in the USA Maker Company. I make STEM Science kits called "Reinventing Science" and now the new EV Challenge Electrical Troubleshooting Circuit Simulator. I'm a STEM Evangelist through Harris Educational and have also launched the Alamance Makers Guild, hope to open a Makerspace, and produce and sponsor the Burlington Mini Maker Faire. Reinventing Edison: Build your own Light Bulb is one of my kits that has won acclaim from Make Magazine and other educational blogs.
Maker: Bennett M. Harris

Intel - Featuring Intel Computer Clubhouse Network
The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is membership affiliate network of local programs, with the headquarters and Flagship program housed at the Museum of Science Boston with 54 locally hosted program in the US. Intel booth will also feature maker superstar (and Intel intern) Joey Hudy as he revives the infamous Extreme Marshmallow Cannon that he debuted at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 and that he subsequently demonstrated for President Obama at the White House Science Fair in 2012. See it in person at the Intel booth
Maker: Carlos Contreras

Introducing the T MAX 2.0 3D Printer
The T MAX 2.0 is an open source 3D printer design. Winner of an Editor's Choice award at Maker Faire NYC in Fall 2013, the T MAX 2.0 is available pre-built or as a kit. Join a build group in the DC area and start your 3d Printing future today!

KEVA Construction
I am bringing a large supply of precision cut wood KEVA planks and visitors are invited to build anything they like from the planks by stacking them. No glue or connectors are used. The structures are temporary. It is a pleasant construction activity that is easy to do on the spot without technology. Young children who cannot understand 3D printers tend to enjoy the activity. Adults enjoy the creative process as much as children. I will introduce the concept of creating inexpensive outdoor sculptures with giant planks.
Maker: Ken Scheel

KID Museum
KID Museum will set-up some smaller demonstrations that visitors to the faire can play with. Some demos will involve "classic" drawing machines, Arduino-based art robotics, a marble run, and some examples of physical computing using MaKey MaKey and some newer systems for merging physical and virtual worlds.
Maker: KID Museum

kippkitts makes things that matter! Our Arduino Mega powered KippCool looks really hot, but makes your next project icy cold! Our Shields give your Arduino superpowers. kippkitts manufactures professional strength tools for designers and citizen engineers.
Maker: Sarah Goldstein

Make Your Own Circuit
We will show participants how to make a simple circuit using everyday household supplies.
Maker: Koshland Science Museum

Making Flashlights From Scratch
I'll be exhibiting flashlights I designed and built from scratch. I will also be showing visitors how to make flashlights, and selling kits that people can take home to make their own flashlight with.
Maker: Rustom Meyer

Making in Government
ICOP is a network of 200+ government ideation enthusiasts focused on innovation and employee engagement. Quousque Capiantur, ideators! (Proceed until apprehended!) #govmakes
Maker: Ideation Community of Practice

New Jersey Makerspace Association
The New Jersey Makerspace Association, hosted at Rutgers University, is the first statewide makerspace association in the country. The NJMA serves as a model in regional coordination, helping libraries, k-12, and community& investment groups plan makerspaces and distributing programs and curriculum. Regional and national “spoke and wheel” efforts such as the NJMA can play a key role in advancing the US makerspace ecosystem. Initial efforts by the NJMA have been encouraging in identifying the many synergies of makerspaces in STEM education, project based learning, innovation advanced manufacturing, workforce development and entrepreneurship.
Maker: Stephen Carter

Novalabs Makerspace, also displaying Arcade Game box. A portable graphics display prototype suitable for multiple uses. It allows programming and viewing of data represented by light pixels.
Maker: Bryce Peterson and Jennyfer Peterson

Come see an automated noninvasive bodyscanner built from scratch for creating 3D printed figurines!
Maker: Moheeb Zara

Science, Naturally!
Have We Got A Mystery for You! Our short mysteries challenge science and math knowledge and put your critical thinking skills to use. Do you know 101 things about science? We do!! We wrote the book on it. We also know 101 things Math! Let our children’s authors challenge you!
Maker: Dia Michels

Shelter2.0 is a open-source design for digitally-fabricated transitional housing and emergency situations. We'll be assembling a Shelter on-site and will have info on how to help support the project.
Maker: Robert Bridges and Bill Young

Spanning Tree
Spanning Tree is a new hackerspace devoted to creating "a feminist community workshop where members can work on projects in a comfortable, welcoming environment." We will show off things we have made (a tulip piano, lockpick set with its accompanying roll and practice locks, 3D printed objects, some laser-cut letters, a blinky 4x4 LED Conway's Game of Life) and talk to attendees about the new space.
Maker: Erica Stratton

Team America Rocketry Challenge
The Team America Rocketry Challenge is the aerospace industry’s flagship STEM education program. Sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association, the National Association of Rocketry and industry partners, TARC provides middle and high school students the opportunity to design, build and launch model rockets in a competition among over 5,000 students nationwide.
Maker: Miles Lifson

TechShop Demos
TechShop is a DIY maker space. We will have fabrication tools such as a 3D printer and a laser cutter, making take-aways such as coasters, vinyl stickers, and lego-like pieces.
Maker: TechShop

The NIH 3D Print Exchange
The NIH 3D Print Exchange ( allows users to discover bioscientific and biomedical 3D models that are ready to download and print in 3D. Users can also upload their own 3D files, exchange tips and tricks with the community in our discussion forum, and learn from our video tutorials.
Maker: Darrell Hurt

TinyDuino - The Tiny Arduino Compatible Platform w/ Shields!
Maker: TinyCircuits

TinyG CNC Controller
TinyG is an open source motion controller for desktop milling, 3d printing, and other machine applications
Maker: Alden Hart

Accessibility research from the Prototyping and Design Lab at UMBC.
Maker: Amy Hurst

Unleash Your Superpowers
"Unleash Your Superpowers!" is a powerful blend of music, art, drumming, mime, video, rap, dance, literature, storytelling, broadcasting and photography. This interative presentation takes children on journey as to where and how to discover their voice or inner special gifts. It’s a celebration of uniqueness and individuality, aimed to inspire creative thinking through different modalities of multi-cultural storytelling via words, images, sounds, music, improvisations and embellishments. After all, storytelling is an integral part of everything we do in life. We all express ourselves in our own unique fashion and receive information based on how we’re wired and our own experiences in life. The Music in Me Foundation believes that every child has his or her own special gifts or superpowers. It’s just a matter of discovering them.
Maker: Jane Pinczuk